Now Located at
73 East Belcher Road
Foxboro, MA
Caterpillar E70B
We currently own two E70Bs. One with rubber tracks and one equipped with a 1200ft lb hydraulic hammer and plate compactor. These machines are used for public and private projects that require a versatile little excavator
  Komatsu pc120
The pc120 Komatsu is equipped with a 5/8 yards bucket(38")or a 20" trench bucket it is used for street work to install utilities
Hitachi 200
This machine is equipped with a 2' or 4' bucket and is used to excavate main line utilities such as; water lines, drain lines and sewer lines. Machine weighs about 46,000 lbs
  Cat 311
This machine is equipped with a 2' or 3' bucket, rubber tracks and is excellent for use on newly paved roads where you would not want damage to occur. Machine weighs about 26,000 lbs.
Komatsu Wa 300 Loader
This machine is equipped with a 3 1/4 yard straight bucket or a side dump bucket. You will find this machine on mainline utility crews backfilling the trenches.
  Case 1845C uni-loader
This machine is used primarily for its attachments. Ours include: 7' york rake, hydraulic hammer, 5' bucket, 6' bucket and power broom.
Caterpillar D3
This machine is one of Cat's smallest and is equipped with a 8ft. blade, it is primarily used to grade site jobs prior to landscaping or paving.
Dresser TD20E   This machine is used for large site projects requiring heavy grading. It is equipped with a 11' 6" semi-U blade it is ideal for landfill closings and subdivision road work
This machine is a double drum 44" vibratory roller and is ideal for prepping areas to be paved. No picture is available at this time.   Bomag AD120 3-5 ton Roller
1-ton Roller    
Peterbilt Tractor ('93)    
    Paystar 5000 tri-axle ('81)
Paystar 5000 tri-axle ('79)    
    Ford LW 9000 dump ('77)
Iveco Water truck ('86)    
Other Equipment
Pucket Brothers 650B Paver   This paver is capable of paving from 8'-12' wide, it has a heated vibratory screen and a 7 ton hopper. No picture is available at this time
    Iveco Air Compressor
Amida Light Tower